The three common homework apps for the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad and Mac (sorry Windows) are up for a battle of which is most worthy of space on your devices.

Categories myhomework iHomework iStudiez Pro
Customization yes, very little yes, a good amount yes, a lot
Push Notifications no no Yes, locally
Icon badge yes yes yes
Space for class details yes, but not much yes, a lot yes, a lot
Grade tracking no yes yes
Desktop Appliation Mac OSX Mac OSX no
Runs native on iPad no yes yes
Wireless syncing no yes, with Mac app no
Transferring information to other iDevice email/download from server no way I could find email
Multiple Languages available no no yes
iCal intergration no not yet yes
Vacation days on calendar no no yes
Price free $1.99 $2.99

So who is the winner? The one that sits on my iPod’s dock is iStudiez Pro. My college life is hectic and iStudiez offers the most customization to adapt it to my needs. It is worth the $2.99 price tag for all that it offers. It lacks a desktop app and a easier way to transfer/sync information across iDevices but I can live without it for now. The app is packed full of features that make the app great for a power user but simple enough for most people to use. Go through the table and get the app based on your own personal needs.